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February 25, 2013

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My theme word for 2013 is Organize. This is always something I am striving for, but crammed in with all my other aspirations, it never seems to happen. This is going to be a big year, so I’ll need to be organized.

A couple of websites that I have been following for motivation and tips to get organized are FlyLady and Simplify 101. They have a lot of free advice and printables to help you on your organizing journey. I plan to focus on decluttering and organizing a different area of my home each month.

Decluttering my home is the first step to having a clear mind so I can start on other projects. I started decluttering at the beginning of January and am steadily making progress as the month of February comes to a close. Starting this month, I am participating in a 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge – more on that in the next post. So far I have made quite a dent in my clutter, so there won’t be many before and after photos, but it’s great to know that I’ve made progress.

As I remove the clutter in my home and establish routines to maintain order, I expect to find that I have more time and energy for my top 10 goals:

1. Launch Mare Design Boutique – first step is the boutique, then onward to making the rest of my business consistent
2. Improve and update this website regularly – this goes hand in hand with the above, as you will see soon enough
3. Eat healthier – continued from 2012… by trying new recipes, building a meal plan rotation, buying healthy food and actually eating it
4. Exercise regularly – continued from 2012… at home workouts, running outside when the weather is nice, and try new classes!
5. Have a clean home with only possessions that we use and love – decluttering is the only way for this to happen!
6. Find more time for creativity – I sometimes get too caught up in cleaning and maintaining my home so I need to make a point to create more for the sake of it
7. Get more sleep – continued from 2012… track how much sleep I am getting and aim for at least 8 hours a night
8. Make more time for God and church – continued from 2012… We have been going to church more this year and hope to continue it
9. Make my wedding photo book – our 3rd anniversary is in June so I want to do this before the year is up!
10. Appreciate my surroundings and take time to explore – sometimes when you have lived somewhere for a while, you forget to try new things and continue exploring your surroundings. I intend to try new restaurants and shops and discover new outdoor adventures

Your turn: Do you have a word for 2013? What have you been doing to make progress on your goals? Let me know in the comments!

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