My Sweet Home Alabama Needs Your Help

April 29, 2011

Tuscaloosa Storm Damage{Image source: Megan Forehand Photography}

I usually want to focus on the positive things in life, but there are times when you can’t ignore the bad things when they are standing on your doorstep.

I am in shock of what has happened to my city, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I feel like it is my hometown and I have very many friends and loved ones who were affected. What would have happened if I still lived there? Where would I have been during the storm? I am usually the person who isn’t afraid of storms, so would my ignorance have gotten me killed? It’s scary to think about. There are other people who are probably just like me and they didn’t even know it was coming.

My family is safe and I am very glad that I have not lost any friends in Tuscaloosa that I know of. We had a big scare, because we thought we had lost a dear friend, who lived right in the path of the storm. Thankfully he is ok. Others were not so lucky. It hit very close to home and it makes me value life so much more. I pray that God will be with everyone in the South who has suffered a loss from this terrible storm.

Storm Damage{Image source: Megan Forehand Photography}

Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. There are many ways to help out even if you do not live in this area of the country. Please give blood at your local blood bank. You can also send clothing, especially for kids and men, shoes, food, and other necessities. If you live in the Alabama area, “like” Give Back Alabama on Facebook for ways to help out.

One great way to donate money is to purchase a tshirt at one of these links:

stand a*wear

screen name: tuscaloosa
password: alabama

Riverwood Presbyterian Church

I <3 Alabama. Roll Tide, we will get through this.

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