How to Prepare for Sorority Recruitment

August 1, 2011

Pi Phi pics{Pi Phi Sisters : Image source | Sorority Notecards : CreativitybyKatie | Typography Print : girlsatplay}

This has always been my favorite article that I wrote for back in college when I was an active member of Pi Beta Phi. I think it helped a lot of people and eHow decided to keep it online when they updated their site. If you or your daughter/sister/niece is interested in going Greek, especially at a southern university, there are plenty of tips in this article to help.

So you’ve graduated from high school and you are getting ready to go to college. You start to consider what organizations to get involved in, and you have decided that you want to go Greek. Here are some tips for how to prepare for sorority recruitment, from finding recs to figuring out which sorority to choose at the end of recruitment…

Things you’ll need:

  • Resume and picture
  • Recommendations
  • clothing and shoes for the week of recruitment


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