Firecracker Stakes : 4th of July Party

July 4, 2013

Last weekend we hosted a 4th of July and horse race betting party at our condo. We thought our friends might be out of town or busy on the 4th, so we wanted to have a get-together earlier in the week. We titled the event the “Red White and Blue Firecracker Stakes,” named for the Churchill Downs horse races going on that day. I enjoyed decorating for the party and making appetizers – we don’t have parties often enough so it was a great excuse to go all out. Will painted a sign that read “Welcome to the Firecracker Stakes,” which turned out really well considering I was supposed to make it! Everyone brought a side dish or dessert and we made hamburgers and hot dogs. I forgot to take pictures once the dining table was set buffet style, but I took some good ones beforehand.


The guys have been really into betting on horses since we all went to the Kentucky Derby in May, but they realized maybe there’s a cheaper way to watch the races and have a fun time. To limit the money being spent, we created our own game. Each person brings $10 for the pot and we have 4 teams of 2 people (couples in our case). We take turns picking horses for each race, and first to pick 3 winners get a prize, and first to 5 winners gets the jackpot. We set up 2 TVs in the living room with a laptop connected to each so we could live steam the races from whatever race track we chose. We had a great time, even though the same couple won the prize (Target gift card) and all the money!


Hope these photos inspire you to throw your own holiday bash for the 4th! Enjoy your day today and have a Happy 4th of July!

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