Book Review – Quitter by Jon Acuff

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I was in the career dumps around the time that I discovered Jon Acuff. The work I was doing wasn’t fulfilling and I was really bored. There are so many ideas that I want to turn into reality and I couldn’t find the time to even start.

One day during my lunch break, I started up my Google Reader. I always learn new and insightful things about starting a creative business from my favorite lifestyle blogs, but they usually left me feeling stuck in my day job, like I had to quit to accomplish anything. Then I started reading Jon Acuff’s blog. I had been following him for about a month, but didn’t read his posts consistently. I heard of him on the Dave Ramsey Show, and had been wanting to read his book. Whenever Dave gets a caller who wants to quit their day job to start something new, he tells them to read Quitter first.

Jon has the first chapter for free on his website, and I jumped right in and read the whole chapter as soon as I discovered it. Instead of making me anxious to quit NOW, he did the exact opposite. He convinced me that I can stay in my day job for now, and still accomplish my goals. My day job could even be an ally to my dreams. Imagine that! He reminded me of how I felt when I didn’t have any income and wanted to pursue my dreams.

A trip down memory lane… It was tough. Instead of feeling motivated by all my free time, I just wanted a steady job to pay the bills. I couldn’t seem to get any traction. I had a goal to earn a certain amount per week doing freelance. It was a lofty goal to start out with, seeing as I only had one steady client. I didn’t even come close in the two months that I had before I went back to work. Jon makes a good point – once you get rid of your boss at your day job, you gain tons of other bosses – your bills and your significant other.

I ordered the book as soon as I finished the chapter. Then I went back to work. I started reading it soon after it came in the mail. After I finished, I understood exactly what I needed to do to change my mind about my current job, how to find time for my dream, and how to know when I am ready to leave the stability of my day job. This is probably the most valuable book that I read in 2011.

If you feel at all the way I did, you will want to read Quitter ASAP.

Have you ever been in the career dumps? What did you do to change your job or your attitude about it?

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